Mary Baker Middleton

Mary Baker Middleton

Middleton Mausoleum resting place of Mary Baker Middleton

Mary Baker was born in 1700 to  John Williams, a wealthy landowner, Justice of the Peace and member of the South Carolina Assembly.  She was named after her mother Mary Baker. John Williams was an early South Carolina planter, who began building what was to become Middleton Place in the late 1730's.  The only daughter of John and Mary Williams, she inherited the entire John Williams' estate including Middleton Place.

In 1741, Mary Baker married Henry Middleton,  who completed the house's main section and its north and south flankers.  He designed and  began work on the elaborate gardens, which is the trademark of the Southern Plantation estate, which still stands today.

Mary Bake was the mother of nine children including Arthur,  a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

  • Arthur Middleton (1742 - 1787)
  • Henrietta Middleton Rutledge (1750 - 1792)
  • Thomas Middleton (1753 - 1797)
  • Hester Middleton Drayton (1754 - 1789)
  • Sarah Middleton Pinckney (1756 - 1784)
  • Susannah Middleton Parker (1760 - 1834)

She died on January 9, 1761 and it is her tomb that forms the top of the Middleton Mausoleum

Henry Middleton remarried Henrietta Bull the following year  and after her passing on March 1, 1772, married the Lady Mary McKenzie in 1776.  Mary Mackenzie, second daughter of George Mackenzie, third earl of Cromarty (who died 1766), and his wife Isabella, daughter of Sir William Gordon, Bart, of Invergordon.  Lady Mary Mackenzie married first Capt. Clark, June 23, 1750; second, in 1757 Thomas Drayton, Esq.; third 17th January, 1762, John Ainsley, Esq. and finally January 4th, 1776 married the Honorable Henry Middleton.  She died at sea, 21 November, 1788.

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